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Snow White and the Seven Magical Creatures? Disney to Scrap Dwarfs Amid Criticism

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Following Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage's recent criticism of the representation of dwarfs in Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White, a report claims that the film will instead use "magical creatures" instead of the seven dwarfs.

Several details about the characters that will journey alongside the titular Disney princess have already been disclosed in a report by TheWrap, which reveals Disney's response to the criticism.

Snow White Drops the Dwarfs

According to casting sheets obtained by TheWrap, Disney is looking to replace the dwarfs seen in earlier adaptations with "magical creatures." There are no more details available at this time about the specific nature of those characters' substitution, or how it may affect the broader plot and their connection with the character of Snow White herself.

Disney has yet to publicly acknowledge the replacement of the dwarfs with the "magical creatures."

The Snow White production is reportedly rumored to be looking for voice actors to give the "magical creatures" distinct personalities. This suggests that this new version of the seven characters may need a lot of CGI to depict them visually on screen. However, because the film isn't set to hit theaters until 2023, no major details are expected to emerge anytime soon.

A Huge Move Away from the Original Snow White

Disney's currently in-development remake has received praise for recently casting Rachel Zegler, the star of another recent remake, West Side Story, as the new Snow White in the anticipated live-action film. Gal Gadot, star of Wonder Woman and Red Notice, appears as the ruthless Evil Queen. Andrew Burnap, who is rumored to play the Prince, has also joined the cast.

However, the most recent information about the forthcoming remake has revolved around comments made by Dinklage, who labeled the narrative of dwarfs as "backwards."

Disney has since responded to Dinklage's remarks, stating that they are aware of the prejudices in the original film and are "taking a different approach" in how the dwarfs are represented in the new Snow White.

Disney has previously adapted classic films for modern audiences with live-action remakes such as Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and others. The films and changes that resulted have been met with different degrees of success.

Given Disney's history, it appears that they are paying attention to how various groups are portrayed on-screen while also making innovative selections that viewers will like. And it's likely that they'll take the same approach with their upcoming remake of Snow White.

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