18 Aug 2021 4:32 PM +00:00 UTC

Snake Eyes Star Andrew Koji Teases Storm Shadow Spin-Off Film

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins might be all about Henry Golding's character but it's a story that involves another important character. After all, Storm Shadow is the one who helps Snake Eyes become who he is in the first place.

But is there any chance that Cobra Commander's best ninja will eventually get his own movie? Andrew Koji has just teased on a possible Snake Eyes spin-off focusing on Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow has always been closely connected to Snake Eyes and that is once again proven in the recent film. The movie's mid-credits scene also teased that we'll be seeing more Tommy Arashikage after he meets with the Baroness.

So will we see more of Storm Shadow in his own movie? Koji admitted to ComicBookMovie that he likes the idea.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...absolutely. I think there's a lot to explore with that," Koji said before adding a possible plan for a trilogy.


"It would be cool if there was a Snake Eyes film, a Storm Shadow film, and then a finale where they clash," Andrew Koji said. He then pointed out that he wasn't sure about it yet. "Who knows, man? I don't know!"


It would be interesting to see more of Storm Shadow since he is just as mysterious as Snake Eyes in the first place. However, we already know his origins so a possible spin-off might reveal how he rose in the Cobra ranks and eventually became Cobra Commander's most trusted bodyguard.

For now, there has been no update on a Snake Eyes sequel or spin-off film. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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