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SM Entertainment Releases Remastered Version Of Girls' Generation's Debut Song "Into The New World"

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Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

SM Entertainment has released the remastered version of the Girls’ Generation debut song “Into The New World” as part of the SM Remastering Project.

On January 21, SM Entertainment released the high-definition and remastered version of the music video for the legendary girl group’s debut song on its official YouTube channel. Fans were able to see the bright and powerful energy and the dynamic performances of the members of Girls’ Generation in HD.

Released in 2007, the music video for “Into The New World” was only seen in 360p, but now, the general public can stream it in 2160p or in 4K resolution.

SNSD’s Into The New World music video improved

The debut title track “Into The New World” was released by Girls’ Generation in 2007. It announced the birth of Kpop’s legendary girl group, which has been creating a huge buzz even after more than a decade.

“Into The New World” debuted at No.5 on the chart for August 2007, according to the Music Industry Association of Korea.

The physical album sold 10,823 copies in its first month, which was a huge achievement by any idol group during the time. In particular, it was the 41st best-selling release of 2007 in South Korea.

"Into The New World" signaled hope

“Into The New World” is still well-loved by fans and the general public for its sincere lyrics containing messages of hope and support.

The song once again saw the highest in 2016 when students of Ewha Women’s University sang it in front of 1600 police officers during a nonviolent and peaceful protest against the university.

The issue was a huge talk in South Korea and became a manner of time where lots gained confidence and strength to fight for equality.

Girls’ Generation member Tiffany also acknowledged the movement and responded, “It was a proud moment for us as Girls’ Generation. Right now is the generation for feminists, and it’s an era where messages of women empowering other women are important. It feels like our song played that role, and my heart is so happy.”

Other Girls’ Generation members also extended their sentiments upon hearing the news of the song being used for the movement.

Yuri said she had watched the video many times and even cried because she got overwhelmed with emotion. She also conveyed her happiness and pride as the singer of the song and further gave her energy to work harder and deliver good messages through music.


The song was sung widely in public protests in South Korea between 2016 and 2017. It even ranked No.1 on Melon’s real-time charts a decade after its release.

It continuously became a song of hope and inspiration. And it is no doubt that the music video being remastered touched the hearts of many and became a moving part of the Kpop industry’s history.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s Remastering Project has improved and remastered music videos of legendary artists under the agency over the past two decades. Earlier, the project released a remastered version of H.O.T’s “Hope” and Super Junior’s “U.”

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