SISTAR Comeback: Disbanded Starship Entertainment's Girl Group Reunited During Soyou's 1st Solo Concert

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Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

SISTAR reminded each other and their fans that, despite their disbandment, they are still the girl group everyone loved.

Many K-pop fans were left heartbroken after SISTAR announced their disbandment in 2017. The Starship Entertainment’s girl group started a new trend in the K-pop scene as they ditched the usual young and girly concept and opted to promote their mature sides instead.

Despite leaving the industry, they left many hits, including So Cool, Alone, Give It To Me, Touch My Body, and Loving U. This time, they surprised the fans again with their unexpected reunion.

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SISTAR Reunites After Nearly 5 Years

On Sunday, the four members of SISTAR shared new photos together following their disbandment. Hyolyn, Dasom, Bora, and Soyou posed together for pictures during the latter’s first solo concert, THE LIVE: NIGHT, in Seoul on Saturday.

Soyou shared some of the snaps on her Instagram page, saying that her former bandmates gave her so much strength.

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Meanwhile, Hyolyn shared black and white versions of the photos and penned a heartwarming caption, saying that she felt happy seeing Soyou happy.

Dasom and Bora also did the same, sending their congratulatory messages to the K-pop idol in their posts.

Fans Ask Why SISTAR Disbanded

Although the four SISTAR members reunited only recently, fans have been asking why the girl group even disbanded when Hyolyn and Dasom always spend time together.

The two idols, who collaborated for their new single Summer of Summer, appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and explained that they started working together after the group’s split. It marked the first time they worked together since Hyolyn usually collaborated with Bora and Soyou.

The show’s host then asked them whether SISTAR members still meet up, to which they confessed that their conversation never died even after the disbandment. Because they always see each other, people reportedly started asking them why they even disbanded.

“People will ask me, ‘Where are you? Who are you with?’ and I’ll say, ‘I’m with the other [SISTAR] members.’ Then they’ll ask, ‘Then why did you guys even disband? If you guys were going to keep meeting up all the time and hanging out together, why did you disband?'” Hyolyn said.

It remains unknown whether SISTAR would formally reunite soon. But their recent activities gave hope to fans.

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