Shonen Jump Launches Epic New Subscription Plan

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For the past few years, the manga industry has been plagued by illegal sites relying on fan scans and translations to leech off money from ads but now, thanks to a new initiative by Shonen Jump, it looks like the landscape of digital manga is finally changing.

Shonen Jump is now offering digital access to its roster of manga to fans, providing manga readers freedom to read manga legally. Launching its new subscription plan, Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga publication not only gives readers access to new manga chapters the same day they are released in Japan, but they also offer subscribers back catalogs for major series like Black Cat, Death Note, Haikyu, Dragon Ball, and so many more.

This new version of Shonen Jump offers all of these to fans at a subscription costing only $1.99 USD a month, a plan which seems like so much like a steal considering that manga readers can now access new chapters for weekly series like My Hero Academia and One Piece the same day they drop in Japan.

Check out all the different series being offered on Weekly Shonen Jump in the tweet below:

That's not all. This new subscription also gives manga fans access to simulpub chapters for various manga series that did not have a weekly release like Chainsaw Ma, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen.

It's a new age for manga, and hopefully, manga fans turn to Weekly Shonen Jump for the daily reads. Not only will they be able to access manga legally, but they'll also be able to support their favorite mangaka, keeping the industry alive.

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