Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Being Considering for Major MCU X-Men Role

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There is little doubt that people have high hopes when it comes to how the X-Men will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But is it possible that Marvel Studios already have their eyes set on casting one of the major characters? A new report suggests that Transformers star Shia LaBeouf is currently being considered for one of the lead roles in the X-Men MCU reboot.

It's no secret that LaBeouf is one of the best actors in Hollywood right now. Although the Honey Boy star has made some interesting choices with the roles he has chosen in the past, he has also been nominated (and won) several awards for his efforts. So it wouldn't be a surprise if Marvel Studios would want to bring him into the MCU, right?

It looks like Marvel already has a plan for LaBeouf as We Got This Covered reveals that he is being considered for the role of Iceman in the possible X-Men reboot. This would be an interesting choice for the studio but one that makes sense since LaBeouf is a certified box office star. On the other hand, it's important to point out that this has not yet been confirmed by Marvel so it's best to take it with a grain of salt.

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Credit: Marvel

Iceman was previously played Shawn Ashmore in 20th Century Fox's X-Men movies. Although the mutant was portrayed as being straight (he had relationships with Rogue and Shadowcat) in the films, there is a possibility that the MCU incarnation will be gay just like in the comic books.

What do you think of LaBeouf playing Iceman in the MCU? Sound off in the comments below.

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