She-Hulk Writer Explains Why the Hulk Left Earth in Episode 2

During the second episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we saw Mark Ruffalo's Hulk in a Sakaarian ship flying off to space (presumably heading to Sakaar) which led fans to believe that it's the character's last appearance in the series as well as speculate on why he is potentially returning to the planet where he spent years as a gladiator.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, series head writer and executive producer Jessica Gao explained why they decided to have the Hulk fly off into space early in the series' run. Besides its implications for the future of the MCU, Gao has a more practical reason regarding why decided to go in that direction.

"As far as Bruce leaving, we really were just looking for a convenient way to make sure that everybody knew this is Jen's show, and it's not going to be about Bruce," Gao said. "And we just wanted to make sure people weren't expecting to see Bruce every single episode hanging out with her, because frankly, we can't afford it."

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Considering that the show is about Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (as the title obviously suggested), it is understandable to hear their reason why decided to put Hulk in a situation where he will not be able to show up in the majority of the series despite his association with the titular hero.

While Gao didn't directly address why the Hulk is going to Sakaar (which is another series of theories and discussions in itself), it looks like that plan will lead to an exciting direction for the character in the MCU as well as for Jennifer Walters herself in the rest of the series.

It is unknown yet if the Hulk will appear again by the end of the series or will make his next appearance in another MCU project, but nevertheless, it is a sign that he still has a larger presence in the franchise moving forward while the show can now solely focus on Jennifer Walters herself and solely shine more.

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