She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Writer is Proud To Have ‘Trolled the Trolls’ with Intelligencia

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law fans found the real-life parallel of Intelligencia being the biggest villain of the show realistically portrayed, and show head writer Jessica Gao proudly told in her interview with Screen Rant on how trolls made their way into the story. The online group called Intelligencia, a forum dedicated to She-Hulk trolling against the hero, is specifically meant for the group to criticize and belittle women.

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When asked if ‘toxic fandom’ was always meant to be the season’s villain, the writer responds how ‘sad’ they were to have ‘predicted’ the spur three years ago during the making:

“It was both delicious and sad. We started writing the show three years ago; that’s how long ago this all was. The fact that we were able to very accurately, every single time, predict exactly what the toxic reaction was going to be is sad but also goes to show how tired and unoriginal these guys are. Three years ago, I could tell you what you were going to say because you’re just that predictable and boring. But the little troll that lives inside of me was utterly delighted that we were able to troll the trolls.”

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law had been having mixed reactions among fans for its lack in the writer’s knowledge to write court scenes, however, it would seem that her tactic in building the show from ground up by speaking more about feminism and women power made up for its continuous impact and buzz among fans.

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Gao also shared that finding the balance in Jennifer Walters’ story is related to how much we would want to hang out with this person or character if we knew them in real life. She added that it was ‘so much easier’ with Tatiana leading the show for her charisma and charm.

“I feel like TV is always about the character first and who this person is. We have to care about this person. Otherwise, why do we care about anything that happens? Why would we want to hang out with her every week after week? So, everything really starts with her. It makes it so much easier that Tatiana is so charismatic and so charming and so likable and relatable that you instantly see her and feel that she is a person that you want to be your friend.”

As for the fourth wall break parts, Gao praised how Tatiana always manages to nail it, implying the audience feels like ‘you’re her little friend.’

“And also, there’s such intimacy when she talks to you when she breaks the fourth wall, you’re her little friend. You’re her bestie that she tells things to that she doesn’t even tell the people in her world. So you feel this connection with her. You, of course, are invested in her and support her.”

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is streaming on Disney+.

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