Shazam! Just Might Help Set Up The DCEU’s Black Adam

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Shazam! might not be bringing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam to the big screen when it hits next year, but it looks like Captain Marvel's standalone movie just might plant the seeds for the antihero in the DC Extended Universe.

MTV just recently spoke with the cast and crew of Shazam! during this year's San Diego Comic-Con International and during the interview the team was asked about the presence of Black Adam. Sure DC might have made it pretty clear that the supervillain would in no way pop up in Shazam! but fans have been holding on to hopes that they'd get to have a few references to the Khem-Adam in the upcoming standalone movie.


While director David Sandberg wasn't afraid to confirm that Black Adam was being kept "mostly for another tale" in Warner Brother's burgeoning superhero franchise, he did try to tease fans during the interview.

"There are a lot of Easter eggs and references and things like that in this movie," the filmmaker hinted.

That might not be much, but fans love hunting for Easter eggs and references in comic book movies. Based on the recently released photos and trailer for Shazam! it looks like the movie's going to be littered with a ton of great material for Easter egg hunting. Not only is it going to be a great treat for fans, it's also going to help build up to Johnson's very own Black Adam standalone.

Shazam! hits cinemas April 5, 2019.

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