Shazam! Director Tries To Talk Down Fans Who Are Hating On The DCEU

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A lot of people thought that the DCEU finally had the ball rolling with the release of Wonder Woman last year, but after Justice League came out, it looks like we're all back to square one. Warner Bros is busy working on their Shazam! film, but some fans are already taking to Twitter to call a bomb that hasn't been made yet. Director David F. Sandberg, however, has come to the defense of his film, and asks the fans not to judge so quickly.

Here's the complaint:

And here's Sanberg's reply:

Like the way it is with every other huge fandom, there's always going to be a handful of haters who already dislike the films before they see them. The same thing happened with the new Star Trek as well as the new Star Wars. For now, it seems that the Marvel fans are the happiest that their cinematic universe is topping the box office compared to their rivals at DC.

With Aquaman the only DCEU movie slated to come out this year, I'm having my fingers crossed that Warner Bros is taking the right steps to make the DCEU something we can all be happy to be fans of. I don't want them to imitate the Marvel formula at all; I just want DC to be able to fix their narratives. I don't mind if they're dark, just make the plot coherent!

Shazam! is set to come out April of 2019.

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