Shazam 2 Official Title Possibly Revealed by David F. Sandberg

It might still be a long wait for the second Shazam! film but we'll be getting new updates on the sequel at the upcoming DC FanDome event. But is it possible that David F. Sandberg has leaked an important detail about Shazam 2? The filmmaker's recent Twitter post may have revealed the movie's true title.

Sandberg recently shared a fake trailer for Shazam 2 that features "reviews" about the upcoming film. Since the movie has yet to begin production, the reviews are clearly fake and absolutely hilarious. Watch the video below.

"We haven't shot Shazam 2 yet but there are already reviews up on Letterboxd. I'm pretty sure that means we're allowed to start using review quotes for marketing," Sandberg wrote.

Needless to say, the "reviews" are pretty much just comments about the movie and one is even an oddly specific proposal to Jack Dylan Grazer. However, it's the film logo at the end that caught fans' attention. Interestingly, the title reads "Shazam!!" with two exclamation marks.

So is this the official title for Shazam 2? Fans immediately flooded the comments section with excited reactions but Sanberg has yet to confirm whether the speculations are true. Perhaps we'll have to wait until DC FanDome to find out for sure.

Shazam 2 (or Shazam!!) is set to get its own panel at the upcoming DC FanDome along with other major films like The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, and The Suicide Squad. The 24-hour event will kickstart on August 22.

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