Shazam! 2 is Happening, Original Director and Writer Returning for the Sequel

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Shazam ended up being a big hit for Warner Bros and the DCEU, with many of us pleasantly surprised by how funny the film was. Some would argue that the movie is designed for children but that's not a problem at all and is arguably something DC should have done with their other films. However you feel, it was good so it's no surprise that Shazam 2 is already in discussion.

According to The Wrap, a sequel is already in the works with director David F. Sandberg returning to helm the film while Henry Gayden returns to write the script. There was plenty of fun comedy in the movie so getting Gayden back is a smart move, though let's hope for more creative action this time around.


The first movie was pretty self-contained but did tease a number of plot points, including Black Adam and Mister Mind. We also have a number of other heroes joining Shazam in the near future and it will be fun seeing them return for the sequel.

No release date for Shazam 2 has been announced. The sequel will likely have a subtitle since numbered sequels aren't in anymore. Shazam should still be showing in theaters. Those that want a bit more can check out the Geoff Johns Shazam comic out right now, which many can see as a spiritual sequel to the film.

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