What Is Shadows House's Age Rating?

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Shadows House Age Rating Ram
Credit: CloverWorks

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Shadows House is not a particularly violent anime, but it delivers some of the best gothic horror we've seen in anime recently. So, is Shadows House age-appropriate, and can kids watch it? Here's Shadows House's age rating explained:

What Is Shadows House About, and Is It For Kids?

Shadows House Age Rating Lou Louise
Credit: CloverWorks

Based on an ongoing manga by the duo Somato, Shadows House follows Emilico, a young girl with no memories of her life before the titular house.

Emilico is now a "living doll" serving her mistress, Kate, a featureless Shadow whose shape and stature are exactly like Emilico's own.

Working along with other "living dolls," Emilico and her friends spend their days cleaning up the ashes that the masters of the house endlessly emit.

As Emilico and Kate grow closer, they realize they're different from the other pairs of living dolls and shadow masters, which threatens their standing in the complicated Shadow society.

Still, tirelessly curious and investigative, the two girls resolve to uncover the sinister mysteries of their house and perhaps their key to freedom.

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From the above, we can see that Shadows House isn't a horror anime as such, but it does have creepy and occasionally disturbing elements

It isn't the most traumatizing show a kid can come across, but caution is advised as some of the darkest scenes have stayed with us.

What Is Shadows House's Age Rating?

Shadows House Age Rating Rosemary
Credit: CloverWorks

The official age rating of Shadows House in its MyAnimeList entry is PG-13, which means it's appropriate for teenagers, thirteen years old or older.

Depending on the rating systems of different countries, the age limit might be 14 in some areas, but most agree that the fantasy anime is ok for those in their early teens.

Here's a more analytical overview of what Shadows House entails:


So, Is Shadows House For Kids?

Shadows House Age Rating Emilico
Credit: CloverWorks

Shadows House is appropriate for those in their early teens or older. Depending on their level of maturity, different viewers might be able to watch it if they're a year or so younger than thirteen, though the anime does have some horrifying elements.

Let's break this down a bit:

  • Violence: Shadows House doesn't feature the intense levels of gore found in anime like Chainsaw Man. There are some intense scenes in which humans are attacked by monsters made of soot, and they get very sick as a result, though they recover with no permanent damage. Otherwise, the show's violence is more of a psychological kind. The human "living dolls" have been torn from their previous lives and made to forget their past, while those living doll-Shadow pairs who fail to coordinate satisfactorily are discarded. Deaths rarely happen on-screen, and, in a Shadow's case, they merely dissolve without any indication of bleeding or dismemberment. However, the implication and threat of harm are always there, and it's sometimes scarier than visible gore.
  • Sexual Content: Shadows House doesn't have much sexual content to speak of. The characters in the Children's Building are all pre-teens and teenagers, but the strict structure of the house doesn't allow for any intimacy. There's a scene or two where characters are so close you think they might kiss, but does Shadows House have romance? Definitely not to a worrying degree. Crushes definitely exist, but they're mostly cute and innocent first-time crushes that are fun to watch.
  • Substance Abuse: Shadows House doesn't involve alcohol and drugs as we know them, but forced intoxication is frequently shown or implied. The characters often have to drink coffee that contains ashes from the Shadow patriarch. This causes their memories to be erased and brainwashes them into loyalty. While the main characters condemn this substance use and actively try to avoid it, it's still disturbing to watch.
  • Language: The language of Shadows House isn't particularly strong or inappropriate. There aren't particularly concerning cases of profanity.
Shadows House Age Rating Mia Sarah
Credit: CloverWorks

Overall, Shadows House is relatively mild in terms of violence, nudity, and most other aspects that parents find concerning.


If you would allow a child to read a Victorian gothic novel, you'd probably not find Shadows House much more shocking.

Shadows House features clever mind games and young characters who question their society and actively try to change it, making it good viewing material.

That being said, there are some content warnings to be aware of, including disregard for personal autonomy, threats of death or harm, and brainwashing.

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