Sex Education Season 3 Spoilers: Otis, Maeve's Complicated Relationship Teased In New Trailer

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Sex Education Season 3 is making its highly-anticipated comeback on Sept. 17 on Netflix. And even though there will reportedly be a time jump in the premiere episode, fans can expect to see the elephant in the room finally addressed.

What's in store for Otis and Maeve in Sex Education Season 3?

In the Season 2 finale, Otis (Asa Butterfield) left a voicemail on Maeve's (Emma Mackey) and professed his love for her. However, Maeve never got the chance to listen to the voicemail because Isaac (George Robinson) deleted it.

So, fans are expecting to see a lot of interesting storylines involving Otis and Maeve. One of the biggest questions is whether Maeve will find out about the voicemail in Season 3.

Sex Education Season 3 trailer released

The new trailer that Netflix dropped for Sex Education Season 3 didn't disappoint.

The over two-minute clip opens with Maeve seemingly looking happier and more confident compared to when fans last saw her in Season 2.

In the finale, she had a falling out with her mom after she decided to call social services due to Erin's drug problem.

She picks up her friend, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood), and finds a boy and a goat in her car.

But this hilarious scene is nothing compared to what comes next.

In the second scene, a more mature-looking and confident Otis shows off his newly-grown mustache. He reunites with his best friend, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and the latter tells him that he recently saw Maeve.

Otis gave Eric an awkward look after hearing the news, and he pretended not to care. Otis also said that he doesn't need to know what's happening to Maeve. It's obvious that he thinks Maeve heard his voicemail and ignored it.

Who is Moordale's new headmistress?

Elsewhere in the clip, the students of Moordale High School will seemingly get a beating this season. After all, a new headmistress named Hope (Jemima Kirke) will take over the school.

Hope is determined to straighten the acts of the students, especially those that have been giving the high school a bad rep. The headmistress will also try to change other things at Moordale, but the question is will she succeed?

Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa tease their characters' storylines

Before Netflix dropped the new trailer for Sex Education Season 3, Butterfield and Gatwa also teased what will happen to their characters.

While speaking with The Guardian, Butterfield said that his character will face new challenges in Season 3.

"He's grown up a bit and become slightly more sassy. It's been fun to portray his newfound charisma. Don't worry, though, he's still tragically awkward too," he said.

As for Gatwa's Eric, the character will reportedly return to his roots as a Black man. The actor also had nothing but wonderful things to say about his experience working with a group of Black actors in one of his scenes.

"And it was really great and really powerful and represented Eric's culture and his family. Those are always quite profound moments," he told Digital Spy.

Other storylines to watch out for include Jean's pregnancy, Jackson's (Kedar Williams-Stirling) mental health issues, and Ola's (Patricia Allison) relationship.

Sex Education Season 3 will stream all 8 episodes on Netflix on Sept. 17.

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