Secret Invasion First Reactions Are In: "Brutal and Dark," "Most Mature Title for Disney+"

Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Next week, Secret Invasion will finally arrive on Disney+ after years of anticipation and several release delays. A lot of fans are looking forward to seeing Nick Fury's first solo outing in the MCU after his numerous cameo and supporting roles which started in 2008's Iron Man.

Just like any other MCU film and TV show that gets released, there is a lot of hope that this upcoming series will live up to the quality, especially after the reception that some of the franchise's recent outings received.

The First Reactions to Secret Invasion Are Here

Secret Invasion
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Last night, Secret Invasion had its premiere event where several critics, journalists, and pundits were also invited to see the first two episodes of the series in advance and allowed to share their reactions on social media afterward.

So far, the series is receiving a lot of positive reactions with praise towards its mature and gritty tone and being more adult-oriented than the other MCU projects, its effective spy/espionage vibe, and the performances of Samuel L. Jackson and Olivia Colman.

You can check some of the tweets here:

It is great to see that the series is receiving a lot of raves from the critics as it is a sign that the fans and the general audience will also like the series as well and perhaps watch it on Disney+ weekly which could help with its ratings.

Obviously, there is also a likelihood that you will have a different opinion once you see the series yourself and might either agree or disagree with the common responses of the show.

It should also be pointed out that the reactions are only based on the first two episodes of the series and there is a chance that their opinions will change throughout the course of the six-episode run.

Either way, this is a promising indication of what the expectations will be for the series. Now, let's just wait and see whether the reception will remain encouraging throughout the course of its run and we definitely hope that the first two episodes were indeed as great as they're hyping it to be.

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Secret Invasion is set to premiere this June 21 on Disney+. You can check more details about it here.

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