Sebastian Stan Shares His Comment on The MCU's Phase 4

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With the MCU keeps on introducing new characters into the franchise, with Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, Yelena in Black Widow, Shang-Chi in The Legend of Ten Rings, and the new Ms. Marvel whose trailer recently dropped, it is acceptable to miss out on some details about the MCU's whole story. Marvel Studios' partnership with Disney+ makes it easier for the company to introduce new side characters, like the upcoming Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel.

Though fans are grateful for having numerous content to stream on the streaming service, many would also agree that it gets harder to track the MCU's whole story. With the massive superhero franchise expanding, it gets more difficult to point out what is next MCU's Phase 4.

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Now, one MCU veteran seems to relate to what the fans are saying. Sebastian Stan who plays The Winter Soldier sat down with Josh Horowitz of The Happy Sad Confused podcast and discussed the expanding Phase 4 of the franchise.

When asked if he is keeping up with the franchise's expansion, Stan honestly responded, "I certainly do need to do some catching up myself. I know I’m a little behind on a couple [of] things. Yeah, but I’m so always amazed and in awe of the massive universe of it all that sort of they were able to build like Kevin [Feige] came up with. It does span 10,12, 15 years, so it’s a lot of years that went in the making and so I was getting a little nostalgic about that, but I think it is an evolving thing. I think you do have to keep up to date with it."

Stan continued by praising the MCU for immediately filling fans in even if they missed out something, the actor continues, "But then I also feel like they do such a great job of immediately filling you in even if you sort of missed out [on] something, but it doesn’t sound like people are missing out. I think they’re pretty connected to it. I always have to catch up [with] Tom Hiddleston because I know he’s always out there."

We can't really blame Sebastian Stan for not keeping up with Marvel's expansion, considering the actor's busy schedule from doing films outside the Marvel franchise including his recent film Fresh, and one TV show, Pam & Tommy, both released on the streaming service, Hulu.

While Sebastian Stan seems to be taking a hiatus from doing Marvel movies, the actor had remained vocal about Marvel's success and recently praised Marvel president, Kevin Feige, for 'putting this entire thing together' while admiring how the new series connects to another.

Stan's last appearance as Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier was in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, together with the new Captain America, Anthony Mackie's The Falcon. While a second season remains a mystery for the fans, Bucky Barnes and The Falcon will definitely come back.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is still streaming on Disney+.

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