Sebastian Stan Opens Up About Not Becoming Captain America

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans knew that Chris Evans' days in the MCU as Captain America were numbered and just like in the comics, Steve Rogers had to find the worthy successor to the star-spangled hero and the vibranium shield. Of course, Avengers: Endgame featured the "unofficial" crowning of Sam Wilson aka The Falcon as the next Cap in the franchise and as much as he was the perfect candidate for the role, some people couldn't help but think that the honor should've gone to Bucky Barnes instead.

Now, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan is opening up about the idea of him becoming the next Captain America, and apparently, he's not too thrilled about the possibility. According to the Winter Soldier actor, he first learned about the fate of the Captain America character on the set of Endgame and he knew from the start that the shield will be passed on to his co-star Anthony Mackie.

In a new feature for Empire Magazine, Stan recalls when exactly he found out that Sam Wilson will become the next Cap. He explains: "Anthony found out from Chris Evans at a party that I was not invited to. I found out the day that we were shooting when someone handed me the scene on the spot in my costume."

On the subject of Bucky being the official successor of his old pal Steve instead of Sam, Sebastian said that it made no sense for him to become Cap storywise at least considering the character's mental state, having been brainwashed by Hydra for such a long time. "It never really made sense to me – he just was not in a place for that, mentally. I'm not sure where the character would have gone even if that had happened."

That's not to say though that Barnes is already out of the picture because, at one point in the comics, he would also become Captain America. However, the character didn't have much success as the star-spangled superhero, unlike The Falcon who has always embodied what the original Cap stood for. While the thought of Bucky becoming Cap in the MCU is interesting, I'd rather see him work on his own as The Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier hits Disney+ this Friday.

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