These SDCC 2024 Exclusives Are Likely to Ruffle Fans' Feathers

sdcc 2024 exclusives
Credit: Marvel Studios | Maximum Effort | 21 Laps Entertainment | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

sdcc 2024 exclusives
Credit: Marvel Studios | Maximum Effort | 21 Laps Entertainment | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

Apart from the special guests, there are plenty of SDCC merchandise exclusives this 2024 that comic-congoers should look forward to. Check out Effin' Birds' Aaron Reynolds' latest artworks and four other deluxe sets from other franchises!

SDCC Goers Can't Miss Out On These Effin' Birds Exclusives

From 2022's F*ck NFTs pins to 2023's trading cards, Effin' Birds artist Aaron Reynolds has crafted more merch of his iconic foul-mouthed birds this coming July 25 to July 28, 2024.

At Booth #2049, fans can pick up their own free bookmark that says 'F*ck Off, I'm Reading' to let others know how bookworms need their space when they're in the zone.

Reynolds will also be bringing out his best-selling foul-mouthed fowl Hawaiian shirts for fans who have yet to grab their own on his website. The shirts come in sizes XS-3XL in both men's and women's.

The infamous shirt that paints a picture of a bird on its pocket saying, 'Oh my god, what the f*ck' also happens to have an iteration, which is considered one of the SDCC 2024 exclusives.

Similar to the former, this new blue shirt that says 'Eat Farts' on its design will be available in the same sizes, but limited to only 200 shirts. However, both shirts are selling at the same price of $50 each.

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Four Other Exclusives For SDCC 2024 Fans Should Line Up For

Diamond Select Toys (DST) recently confirmed they'll be sending over memorable exclusives available for SDCC 2024. These merch include big Hollywood franchises such as Marvel, TMNT, Transformers, and Lord of the Rings!

sdcc 2024 exclusives
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Marvel Studios | Maximum Effort | 21 Laps Entertainment | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

In celebration of Deadpool and Wolverine, DST is releasing a mini-bust Wolverine sporting his iconic yellow suit! Priced at $90, the 1/7 scale mini-bust is only limited to 500 pieces packaged in a full-color box, perfect for comic-con collectors.

An all-new box set comes alive for Transformers: Decepticon Shockwave and his henchmen Acid Storm, Ion Storm, and Nova Storm will be limited to 1000 pieces featuring the 2-inch interchangeable figures. The set is priced at $30.

Meanwhile, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2-inch figures are designed to take fans back to 1990, when the 8-pixel arcade game began its global reign. Limited to 1000 pieces, the TMNT Minimates are sold in a video game cartridge-looking package at the price of $30.

Last but not least — Gimli, the Son of Gloin and member of the Fellowship of the Ring gets his own all-new deluxe box set. The 5-inch 1/10 scale action figure is limited to only 1500 pieces, packaged in a deluxe box designed to remind fans of the Doors of Durin. This piece is priced at $40.

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Which 2024 SDCC exclusives are you hoping to get your hands on? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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