08 Nov 2018 4:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Scryfall, The Best MTG Search Engine, Announces Partnership With TCGPlayer

Wizards of the Coast

Scryfall, the best search engine for Magic: The Gathering, has announced a partnership with TCGPlayer today.

"This will allow us to end our paid membership program, fund full-time employees, and devote even more time toward building your favorite features," Scryfall said in a statement.


"In TCGplayer we've found kindred spirits; they're fans of Scryfall, proponents of the game, and are every bit as passionate about Magic and its community as we are," the company added. "Scryfall is remaining independent, but we expect to do great things with them"

"Through your generous support with our paid membership program and Patreon, we've been able to cover Scryfall's operational costs like servers, hosting, and bandwidth. But it's otherwise been a passion project for our team: something we did in our evenings and weekends for the love of the game and community."

Thanks to the new partnership with TCGPlayer, Scryfall will be able to fund full-time team members in addition to keeping their database up-to-date, open, and accurate. Plus, they'll be able to focus on working on new features like the deckbuilder.

Scryfall went on to say that they're organizing their price links on card pages to only include TCGPlayer, Cardhoarder, and Cardmarket. They also clarified that TCGPlayer is not acquiring Scryfall but they're expecting a long and fruitful partnership. They're also removing their paid membership program to make their features accessible and free to everyone.

First launched in October 2016, Scryfall is famous for its mobile-friendly, timely, and powerful search engine complete with great quality images for Magic cards.

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