Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Reunion Table Read Brings Back Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, and More

Though the movie didn't perform as expected in the box office, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has since become a cult classic. With the movie hitting its 10th anniversary this year, most of the cast has decided to come back for a live table read with director Edgar Wright.

Check it out:

As I've said, they weren't able to gather everyone in the cast, so some actors have to take over other roles. For one, Anna Kendrick only played Stacey Pilgrim in the movie, but for the table read, she'll be taking over the role of Envy Adams (Brie Larson) as well. Screenwriter Michael Bacall is also playing the part of Scott's roommate Wallace Wells, originally played by Kieran Culkin.

While there are absentees though, the movie has managed to gather some really big names including Superman star Brandon Routh (Todd Ingram) as well as Captain America himself Chris Evans. You can even catch Evans do the same eyebrows that he was doing for the film.

I have to say, for a film that came out in 2010, the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has definitely branched out to do better things. Hopefully, they manage to collaborate with Edgar Wright again soon, seeing that the cast of Baby Driver is currently undergoing some kind of "curse".

For now, Wright has teased the possibility of a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World anime, but nothing solid has been reported so far. Hopefully, we get it, because the world is just so fun and colorful, and after reading the comic, you can say that the movie definitely held back some great scenes.

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