04 Aug 2021 1:44 PM +00:00 UTC

Scarlett Johansson Reportedly Sued Disney Because Black Widow Isn't Set for MCU Return

Credit: Marvel Studios

Last week, Scarlett Johansson shocked the entire entertainment world when she filed a lawsuit against Disney over breach of contract allegations.

For the uninitiated, the star of Marvel Studios' first feature film in two years Black Widow wasn't thrilled with the House of Mouse making the film available for streaming via Disney+'s Premier Access feature on the same day as its theatrical release. Scarlett's camp insists that Disney's release scheme ultimately cost them a huge box office revenue.

All parties have gone back-and-forth over the last couple of days and the issue between Johansson and Disney is getting really personal, it seems. Now, in a stunning new development, it is being reported that there's more to Scarlett's jaw-dropping lawsuit than just Black Widow's box office potential getting derailed by Disney+.

Apparently, Johansson wasn't ready to say goodbye to the MCU and according to a report from Vulture, it's one of the reasons why she decided to file a lawsuit. The entertainment website notes that there are currently no plans for Natasha Romanoff to make future appearances in the MCU and it prompted the actress to take legal action.

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Honestly, the reason stated in the report is a little too hard to believe because if Scarlett truly wanted to stick around in the franchise, all she had to do was ask and I'm pretty sure Disney and Marvel Studios would've reconsidered killing off Romanoff.

The turmoil between both parties has gotten so complicated that it might have killed the actress' chances of actually making a grand comeback to the MCU. But hey, you can never say never still.

Black Widow is still streaming via Disney+'s Premier Access