Scarlett Johansson Fans Think Actress Should Jump to DC After Suing Disney

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Credit: Marvel Studios

2021 has been a crazy year so far but with everything that's been going on over the last couple of months, Scarlett Johansson taking legal action against Disney and seemingly severing her ties with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for good is the last thing we all expected to happen. The Black Widow star is making headlines over her claims that Disney committed a breach of contract for releasing her first standalone Marvel film via Disney+'s Premiere Access feature on the same day of its theatrical release.


Obviously, the theatrical and streaming releases coinciding with one another have gravely affected the film's box office numbers. During its first week, Black Widow was able to bring in an impressive $80 million, setting box office records during the "pandemic era". However, its earnings dropped significantly in the weeks that followed and Johansson's camp is blaming Disney's release strategy.

Now, with the possibility of Scarlett being blacklisted from Disney and Marvel Studios permanently, what's next for the actress? While some fans are confident that she'll still be able to get her career going despite the controversy, others believe that Johansson needs to stick it to the House of Mouse and make the jump to the DC Extended Universe.


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While I'm not saying that a move to DC is on the list of ScarJo's future priorities, imagine if she pulls a James Gunn and does a project for Marvel's rival franchise. If you may recall, the Guardians of the Galaxy director was once fired by Disney in 2018 and later accepted a directorial job at Warner Bros. before the House of Mouse reinstated him.

Going back to Scarlett, sure, she's one of the original six members of the Avengers but it's no longer a question of loyalty as she has a Hollywood career to take care of. But I'm still hopeful that she and Disney will be able to settle their differences and talk things out.

Black Widow is still streaming via Disney+'s Premier Access.