The Mandalorian's Sasha Banks Reportedly In Talks to Join El Muerto

Sasha Banks in The Mandalorian
Credit: Lucasfilm

Sasha Banks in The Mandalorian
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Today, we learned that Sony has removed the Bad Bunny-led live-action Spider-Verse movie El Muerto from the release calendar as the project will not be able to make it to the January 2024 release date that they previously set.

So far, the studio has not announced a new release date as the project is being delayed indefinitely and the ongoing writers' strike has also put any writing work for the film on pause at the moment.

Now, in the aftermath of this major announcement, we are now learning more details about Sony's plan for El Muerto and it looks like an actress from The Mandalorian is being circled for a major role.

Sasha Banks Reportedly Circling a Role in El Muerto

El Muerto
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Credit: Marvel Comics

A report from The Hollywood Reporter revealed more details about Sony's decision to take off El Muerto from their release calendar where they claimed that the script still needs more work before they head to production.

Given that the writers' strike has put any hold on the work for the film's script and we're already around six months away from its original release date, it is impossible for the film to start shooting soon and reach the deadline on time.

There is also the fact that Bad Bunny has a busy touring schedule which affects the project's timing once they reach the production stage and it is unknown yet how long the Grammy winner will remain attached due to the delay.

The report also added that the studio has already been circling some actors who could possibly join the cast including Marvin Jones III for the role of Tombstone, which he previously played in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and has also been rumored for the live-action film.

In addition, they revealed that The Mandalorian star Mercedes Varnado (aka Sasha Banks) is also circling for a role in the film although no official deal has been made yet.

Considering that the film is expected to tackle the world of wrestling and Varnado is obviously known for being a wrestler, it does make sense to hear her possibly being part of the project and it sounds like she is trying to venture into the acting world even further beyond her Star Wars role.

However, considering the film's indefinite delay, there is a chance that Banks' casting might not end up happening and it could also take a while now before we hear any official update on the project's casting. For now, let's wait and see for any news in the coming months.

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The next live-action Spider-Verse movie Kraven the Hunter is slated for release in theaters this October 6.

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