Sansa and Daenerys Meet in Short Clip from Game of Thrones 8

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HBO has a big year ahead, and one show is being eagerly anticipated by everyone—Game of Thrones. The eighth and final season is set to come out this April, and though we don't have an official trailer yet, HBO has given us a short teaser with Daenerys walking into Winterfell. The clip starts at 0:40.

Here's also the clip cropped down to just the Game of Thrones preview:

What's interesting is, Sansa's welcome to Daenerys could be mirrored to Ned Stark's welcome to Robert Baratheon in the very first season of the show. In that exchange, Ned also tells Robert that Winterfell ‘was his'. The main difference is that Ned and Robert are old friends while I have a feeling that Sansa doesn't trust the Mother of Dragons just yet.


As of now, Game of Thrones has all the puzzle pieces clearly on each side that they want. Daenerys is with the North in Winterfell with the ‘villain' Cersei perched up in King's Landing. Probably the only character whose allegiance is still up in the air is Jaime. He wants to help the North go against the White Walkers, but how long will it take for the North to actually trust him? As for Cersei's allies, it has been teased that the Iron Bank is willing to loan her the Golden Company, an army of sellswords famous for never having broken a contract.

Catch Game of Thrones 8 on HBO this coming April.

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