Sandra Bullock Addresses Keanu Reeves Romance Rumors, Pitches Reunion Movie Idea With Speed Actor

Sandra Bullock
Credit: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube Screenshot

Sandra Bullock
Credit: Entertainment Tonight / YouTube Screenshot

Sandra Bullock revealed some ideas she had on what her next movie would be with Keanu Reeves. The 57-year-old actress has shared the big screen with Reeves on two movies, but she said she is more than willing to shoot another movie with her Speed co-star.

Romance Rumors And Her Relationship With Reeves

In an interview with Esquire magazine, Bullock was asked to provide a profile on her former co-star. Since they starred together in Speed, the two have been rumored to have a budding romance. Bullock responded to questions about the rumors, stating that they never became a thing. However, Bullock didn’t completely dismiss the possibility, saying, “who knows.”

Bullock described Reeves as a person that is likely “friends with every woman he’s dated.” She added that she really doesn’t have anything horrible to say about him, and she is sure that no one who really knows him has anything bad to say either. When asked what she thought if they would have ended up together, Bullock said that maybe they “could have survived.”

Keanu Reeves Being Keanu Reeves

Bullock further recounted her experience with working with Reeves; the two also starred together in the movie The Lake House in 2006. Even though they weren’t romantically involved, Bullock said Reeves was always caring and thoughtful with her.

The actress recounted one instance when Reeves suddenly dropped by her house with flowers, champagne, and truffles. Bullock explained that she had told Reeves a few days earlier that she had never tried truffles and champagne.

Sandra Bullock’s Reunion Movie Idea With Keanu Reeves

Further added fuel to the wish of thousands of fans of both celebrities, Bullock talked about her idea for a reunion movie with Reeves. The actress said she would really “love nothing more” than to star in a comedy movie with Reeves before they die.

Bullock pitched her movie idea of her and Reeves being together as old people in a comedy movie. She said they could both be 75, and they play as “two funny old people.” She then played around with the concept and said that it would be funny if they were in an “old people cocoon” situation, like if they were on a road trip in an RV as old people.

Bullock then joked that her planned comedy would be the perfect bookend to their Speed movies, and they will be featured as just two funny old people driving really slowly in an RV.

While Bullock may have just come up with the idea from the top of her head during the interview, it is a solid pitch for a movie that will see the two celebrities reunite. It is possible that some Hollywood producer will read Bullock’s interview. Who knows?

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