San Diego Comic-Con Team Isn’t Closing the Convention Despite COVID -19

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The novel coronavirus pandemic might have shut down major events like SXSW, Emerald City Comic Con, and Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for this year, but it looks like the organizers for the 2020 San Deigo Comic-Con International are still holding on to the hope that the curve for COVID-19 flattens right before July.

The organizers behind this year's SDCC just posted on the event's Twitter handle to let convention-goers know about the updates on the status of the convention.

According to the post, the organizing team behind the event is still monitoring the COVID-19 lockdown and will post updates as soon as they can get more information regarding the situation. So as of now, SDCC 20202 is still a go.

"As we continue to monitor the situation with local authorities, we will post updates on our social channels! Until then, remember: ‘A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.'- Christopher Reeves," the second half of the post reads.

Check it out down here:

Based on the post, SDCC's organizing committee is still betting on the novel coronavirus pandemic to come to an end before the start of summer. It's an optimistic position to be in, though we're hoping for the exact same thing.

Forcing businesses to cease operation and people to stay at home for weeks on end, COVID-19 has done significant damage to the economy. It's also hurt the entertainment industry, closing down the production of upcoming projects and delaying the premiere of upcoming films like Black Widow, No Time to Die, New Mutants, and Mulan.

This year's SDCC is scheduled to take place from July 23 to July 26 at the San Diego Convention Center.

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