Sadie Sink Makeup And Skincare Tips: Know The Stranger Things Star’s Go-To Look

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Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

Sadie Sink is all grown up. She’s now 20 years old, far from the young Max fans first saw in Stranger Things Season 2 when she was just 15.

Her trademark look of fiery red hair and spirit in the hit Netflix series is not far different from her real-life image. In fact, Sadie Sink is also as simple and casual behind the camera.

Fortunately, the rising star is generous enough to share her skincare and makeup secrets with fans. So, here it is.

Sadie Sink’s Favorite Makeup Look

Just like her Stranger Things character, the young actress also has a laid-back taste in beauty.

In fact, she told Allure that she drew a lot of inspiration and confidence from Max.

“She doesn't really wear any makeup for the show, so in my day-to-day life, I'll typically go for a more minimalist approach," she explained. “But I'm also not afraid to experiment with it and have fun, especially for red carpets or photo shoots.”

The Fear Street star is not fond of using foundations on her skin. She’s satisfied just to dab SPF on her face and that’s it.

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But if she can’t leave her skin bare, she will go for a product with light coverage and skincare benefits.

“I been playing around with tinted face oils or skin tints, something that's really light… to let a little bit of color show through and especially let my freckles show through,” she said. “That's really important for me rather than going for a full-coverage makeup look.”

So, how does she do her makeup?

"I'll brush out my brows and if I'm feeling bold, I'll do a nice lip color," she revealed.

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She also doesn’t believe that her options in choosing the right lipstick color are limited due to her red hair.

“One of the things I heard was that red hair doesn't look good with pink, but pink is one of my favorite colors to wear," she continued.

Her go-to hue is Givenchy's Le Rouge Deep Velvet in 25 Fuschia Vibrant. But if she’s feeling bold, she likes to use 37 Rouge Graine, a striking garnet red.

Sadie Sink’s Skincare Tips

Though Sadie Sink is not into makeup that much, she’s more interested in taking good care of her skin.

“Rather than putting on a bunch of makeup, I'm pouring in more of my efforts into skincare,” she said. “I have definitely learned a lot more.”

In fact, she has easy-to-follow skincare tips.


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“I'll do face wash in the morning, then a nice vitamin C serum, and then maybe a face oil,” she revealed. “SPF is always the last step.”

In addition, if there’s one piece of advice she actually follows, it’s, “Just go with whatever makes you feel happy and confident.”

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