Ryan Reynolds Visits Marvel Studios, Leading to Deadpool 3 Speculation

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It looks like Deadpool 3 will be happening after all. Fans spent a number of months wondering about the Deadpool franchise's future when Disney bought out Fox, with everyone thinking that Disney and Marvel Studios might want a tamer product, despite CEO Bob Iger claiming that the R rated films were more than welcome by the studio. Though no official statement about a new movie has been confirmed, Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he met with Marvel Studios.

On Instagram, Reynolds joked about auditioning for Anthony Stark and claimed to have gotten tasered by a security guard. In reality, the picture of him in front of a Marvel Studios sign was enough for fans to go crazy about Deadpool possibly appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Honestly, it's probably going to happen and we can't wait for it to happen.

Various reports in the past have claimed that Disney and those who work on the Deadpool movies are trying to find some sort of compromise to make more of these movies. It's not yet known how accurate these statements are but here is hoping Disney relents or puts Deadpool in an alternate universe unrelated to the MCU. Anything to keep these films R rated.


Some would disagree but Deadpool is not a character you market to children. Simply put, he's a character who kills people and gets paid to do so. Sure, most of the MCU heroes have killed before but that was usually due to self-defense or part of a black-ops mission. Whatever happens, Deadpool should not be in a PG movie.

Deadpool 3 does not have a release date. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are now available on Blu-ray.

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