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Ryan Reynolds Releases His 'Secret' Green Lantern Cut

Credit: Warner Bros.

Ryan Reynolds has never been shy about poking fun at his Green Lantern movie and his newest joke on its expense parodies that of the Snyder Cut with his own "secret" re-edit of the film.

Taking to Twitter, Reynolds shared a 27-second cut of 2011's Green Lantern featuring Tom Cruise himself as Hal Jordan. "Here's the secret Reynolds Cut of GL you all haven't been waiting for," the actor wrote. "In order to make it as great as possible we made some judicious cuts."

The short clip starts with the post-credits scene from Deadpool 2 where the Merc with the Mouth travels back in time to kill a young Reynolds reading the Green Lantern script. It quickly picks up the pace with fast snippets of the hero in the air, along with a shot of Cruise in the green suit. This is also a reference to rumors that the Top Gun actor has been approached to reboot the character.

The clip ends with a shot from the Justice League, with the heroes looking down to see Hal beneath. He then takes off as the credits quickly show up. You can check it out below!

As for the rumors about his potential return to the DC Cinematic Universe, Reynolds seemingly hinted that Green Lantern could appear in Zack Snyder's Justice League in some form. However, it might not be played by the actor himself, with a brand new Green Lantern speculated to appear in the Snyder Cut.

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