Ryan Reynolds and Paddington May Have Started a Twitter Feud

We don't know how it happened or if it was always this way but Ryan Reynolds is basically just Deadpool and we don't say that because he plays the character; he seems to be the character, especially on social media. This has made him one of the most entertaining celebrities to follow as he'll always have a joke to laugh at.

After winning a bunch of People's Choice Awards, Reynolds decided to poke the bear - literally - by calling out Paddington. Reynolds said that he wants Deadpool 2 to win the Best Family Film award since the second film made family a major theme and told Paddington to "watch his back."

This led to the Paddington Twitter replying with #hardstare, which means that we could be seeing the start of a fairly entertaining online feud. Obviously, this won't be a mean-spirited one if it continues. Should it, expect the feud to be filled with jokes and hilarious burns.

Deadpool 2 and Paddington 2 managed to be entertaining sequels in 2018, which is probably the only thing both films have in common; that and the whole family theme. The former is an R-rated superhero satire film while the latter is an earnest family picture.

Both movies should be available on Blu-r16ay and digital services.

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