Russo Brothers Tease Marvel's Hall H Panel with an Unexpected Audio Clip

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With Spider-Man: Far from Home out of the way, MCU fans are now waiting on Marvel Studios to announce their slate for Phase 4. Everyone is expecting the big reveal to happen at SDCC 2019, and Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo Brothers have dropped this teaser for their Hall H panel on Twitter.

Check it out:

A lot of people are clearly weirded out by the post, but Arrested Development fans will know what's up. The audio comes from this one gag in the show:

If you've followed the Russo Brothers' MCU run, you'll know that they find ways to include references to their past shows like Community and Arrested Development. We saw the infamous stair car in Captain America: Civil War, and we even got a blue-skinned Tobias in one of the Collector's cages in Avengers: Infinity War.

It looks like they're done with the MCU for now, but they did say they would love to do a Secret Wars movie down the line. Who's to say we won't have that be the premise for the next Avengers movie?

For now, all we can really do is speculate. The good news is, we don't really have to wait that long. Besides the update on the slate, the Hall H panel is also said to reunite all the Avengers, possibly for the last time. Let's just hope Marvel also has one amazing slate planned moving forward.

The Hall H panel for Marvel Studios takes place on July 20.

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