Runaways Season 2 Clip Hints At Molly's Heartbreaking Discovery

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The premiere of Marvel's Runaways Season 2 is almost here and a new clip from the second season reveals that Molly Hernandez is in for a heartbreaking discovery.

The clip from Runaways Season 2 was shared by the show's official Twitter account. It opens with the teenagers arriving at Graciela's home and Molly rushing ahead to the front door. Gert is understandably concerned. "What if our parents are in there?" she asks but Molly ignores her, knocking on the door in desperation. Unfortunately, there is no answer.

Chase is hopeful about Molly's relative. "Maybe she got smart and left?" he ventures. However, Nico isn't as optimistic as she peers into a window. When Molly turns to her, Nico appears troubled as she motions to the window.

The worried Molly summons her strength to break down the door and stops at what she sees. Before the viewers are shown what she is looking at, the clip comes to a stop.

So what happened to Graciela? Did Pride get to her before the teenagers arrived? Or is did she manage to get away just in time? This is one possibly heartbreaking moment to look forward to in Runaways Season 2.

The second season will find Molly, Nico, Gert, Chase, Alex, and Karolina working to take control of their powers. At the same time, they have to continue to evade Pride, who are also trying to find their children. Needless to say, there is more action and drama to look forward to in the Marvel series.

Runaways Season 2 will air on Hulu on December 21.

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