19 Mar 2018 4:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Run the Jewels Releases New Music Video Starring Rick and Morty

Though Dan Harmon admits that the status of Rick and Morty 4 is currently in ‘limbo,’ that hasn’t stopped Adult Swim from releasing a few special videos starring everyone’s favorite sci-fi duo. Run the Jewels has released a new music video, and it showcases a very cool sequence involving Rick, Morty, and a few series callbacks.

Besides the Rick and Morty influence, there’s also a hint of Men in Black what with Rick and Morty hunting down criminal aliens. There’s also a slight Pulp Fiction nod towards the end with Rick opening a suitcase and the video not revealing what’s in it.


 I have no doubt that we’ll be getting more Rick and Morty clips like this prior to the release of Season 4. The pair even made a surprise appearanceduring Deadmau5’s New Year show. Though the show definitely embraces all-things sci-fi, you also have to admit that it loves to collaborate with musicians as well—especially hip-hop artists.

With Dan Harmon notorious for taking his time when it comes to writing his shows, I’m not surprised if Rick and Morty 4 comes out late 2019 or even 2020. Sure it’s a long wait, but as long as the episodes are still top notch, I’m all up for it.

Rick and Morty 4 has no release date.

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