Rotten Tomatoes Planning On Requiring “Verified Purchase” After Captain Marvel’s Review Bombing

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Rotten Tomatoes is planning on making some major changes to its audience review options, hoping to increase the authenticity of its user reviews. The site has always had issues with trolls with multiple films being plagued by a number of fake reviews designed to make a film appear much worse than it is. One of the latest films to review bombed on the review aggregation website is Captain Marvel, Brie Larson's first outing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's strongest Avenger. The film was review bombed by sexist trolls before and after its release, creating quite a buzz on social media.

Learning from its experience with Captain Marvel's controversial review bombs, Rotten Tomatoes is planning to put measures in place to make sure that the reviews made in the site are genuine. According to a report by CBR, Rotten Tomatoes' Vice President of Communications Dana Benson says that the company is looking at verifying genuine reviews by requiring proof of ticket purchase.

This "verified purchase" technique is quite similar to the methods that Amazon has in places to ensure that reviews for films on the site are accurate.


"We've seen it with enough movies that we know we have to evolve our system," Benson told the publication, "Anyone that has an open system like we do has received this type of attention. Moving forward, we want to make sure our users can trust our audience score and that we find different ways to verify the reviews."

It's an interesting response to issues regarding review authenticity – though there might be some users who'd feel a bit upset by the change. What do you think of Rotten Tomatoes' new move?

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