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Rosario Dawson Spills Details on Ashley Eckstein's Ahsoka Set Visit

Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka Series
Credit: Lucasfilm

In just a few months, the long-awaited Star Wars series Ahsoka will finally arrive on Disney+. It will mark the titular character's first show as the main lead after years of being a consistent presence in the franchise since her debut in The Clone Wars.

Rosario Dawson is reprising the role of the fan-favorite Jedi in live-action after her guest appearances in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. She is the second actress to play the role after Ashley Eckstein voiced her in the animated shows.

We have seen in social media posts that the two actresses have become mutual as they already met a couple of times and, as it turns out, Eckstein has also visited the set of the series.

The Original Ahsoka Tano Actress Visited the Set of Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano
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Credit: Lucasfilm

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Dawson revealed some interesting details about Echkstein's set visit to Ahsoka where she still considered her as a part of the show even though she is not reprising the role in the series.

"It was just absolutely remarkable to have her on set. We were beside ourselves. And she came in and you could just see it in her eyes," she said.

"It's very similar to the look in [creator Dave FIloni's] eyes. These are people who have been working in dark rooms with microphones and these animated characters for so long."

She continued, "And to see it now three-dimensionally is pretty wild. And to have her energy there and her blessing on this show is everything, because she's so much a part of this show."

Looking at the comments, the live-action Ahsoka Tano actress was really thrilled with Eckstein's set visit and it looks like she gave a helpful contribution to Dawson as someone who originated the role and spent years as the poster for the character.

The Ahsoka Cast Kept Going Back to Eckstein's Performance

Ahsoka Tano
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Credit: Lucasfilm

Dawson also doubled down on how Eckstein's portrayal was still embodied in the live-action series and how they kept going back on her performance.

"We literally religiously watch these episodes over and over again as homework, which is like the easiest and the best homework in the world," she continued to share.

"And the inflection of the voice and the heart and the love and just the commitment over so many years — I mean, she's a true believer. And I think that heart just lives on in this story."

The actress also shared her enthusiasm about Filoni and Eckstein's guidance on portraying the character now that she has her own series in live-action.

She said, "To have Dave and her guiding it to this next thing is really quite beautiful."

"And it's nice to see the fans appreciate that as well, because we've all been on this journey together for a long time, and now it's exciting to see where it goes next."

It is definitely heartwarming to see Dawson's non-stop praise and appreciation of Eckstein's work and legacy as the character. There is no doubt that she was integral in making her an iconic figure in the Star Wars franchise.

Given that Eckstein visited the series, it won't be surprising at this point if she will also have a cameo appearance as an easter egg and tribute to the character's history. We will be able to find out soon enough.

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Ahsoka is slated to premiere on Disney+ this August. You can check more details about it here.

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