27 Jul 2020 10:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Rorschach Cover Artist Calls Out Tom King's 'Irresponsible Tweets' Regarding Comicsgate Work

It was a pretty eventful weekend for comic book fans and not just because of the anticipated [email protected], unfortunately. Things started with Rorschach writer Tom King calling out cover artist Jae Lee for contributing a cover for Ethan Van Sciver's Cyberfrog, who is a member of online hate group Comicsgate. Fans were disappointed in Lee since he provided art for some amazing comic book stories and covers but the artist has since made it clear that he is not part of any hate group.

On Instagram, Jae Lee angrily called out Tom King for his "irresponsible tweets" since he was mourning over his dead dog Loki and then got barraged by social media for working with the controversial hate group. Lee is not active a lot in social media and says he is not a part of Comicsgate, before lambasting getting called out since these tweets could have cost him a number of projects.

While Comicsgate, a group that doesn't like minorities and LGBTQ characters in their comics, haven't been too active recently, they were recently brought back into some notoriety when Dynamite Comics seemingly showed support towards the group. This is when several comic book creators quickly pointed out that they do not support these views and they will be leaving their Dynamite titles after their contractual work is done.

Though we can understand why Tom King would react this way, Rorschach is a pretty big project, after all, he should have privately messaged Lee first. The writer has since stated that he and Lee have talked things out but we can all agree that King should have contacted his friend first. Hate groups suck but so do false accusations.


Rorschach #1 will be coming out this October.

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