Rogue Squadron: Patty Jenkins Described as a 'F-cking Nightmare'

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It goes without saying that luck hasn't been on Patty Jenkins' side over the last couple of months. It was recently revealed that the director's third Wonder Woman film is no longer happening at the DC Universe. According to the latest reports, WB Discovery and DC Studios still wanted Jenkins on board as long as she was willing to rewrite the film's script, a request she reportedly declined.

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Before all the controversy surrounding the status of Wonder Woman 3, Patty's supposed Star Wars film Rogue Squadron was quietly removed from Disney's release calendar, leading many to believe that the project which was first announced in 2020 has officially been sacked from the Star Wars movie slate.

Now, new details regarding the canned film are coming o light and according to a new report, Lucasfilm had major issues with the filmmaker's script for the Star Wars spinoff. The Hot Mic podcast reports that Jenkins was described as a "f-cking nightmare" while working on the project.

Host Jeff Sneider says: "I’ve heard some things about Patty Jenkins… I heard she’s a fucking nightmare. I get it, I hate to be the guy calling a woman a nightmare, but my God, I’ve said that about countless male directors. So like, I’ve heard that the Wonder Woman [3] script she turned in was a mess, I heard the Star Wars thing [Rogue Squadron] was a mess, like what do you want from me?"

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Jenkins has yet to address the matter but the controversies surrounding her project are undoubtedly intriguing. While her resume hasn't been flawless by any means, she's proven in the past the she can put out a well-crafted film.

Meanwhile, you can get your Star Wars fix — from films to shows exclusively on Disney+.

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