Rogue One was Supposed to Include an Unlikely Alien Rebel Fighter

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It looks like a Tusken Raider was supposed to be seen fighting alongside the Rebel Alliance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

IGN just recently tapped Rogue One screenwriters Gary Whitta and Chris Weitz in its WFH Theater event, and during the discussion, the writers revealed some pretty surprising details about Lucasfilm's very first Star Wars spinoff.

Not only did the team have alternate names for Rogue One, but it seems like Whitta and Weitz wanted to have a Tusken Raider joining the Rebel Alliance in the movie. Apparently, Weitz wanted to have one of the Sand people leave Tattoine to join the fight against the Empire, however, the idea was ultimately shot down by Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo.

Turns out that Tusken Raiders don't really leave Tattoine.

"@chrisweitz got in trouble with Pablo Hidalgo because he wanted a Tusken Raider to have gone off Tattooine and join with the Rebel forces but Pablo said they don't leave the planet," IGN editor-in-chief Terri Schwartz revealed in a tweet.

You can check out the post down here:

That's not all of course. Weitz and Whitta originally wanted to turn Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) into a double agent for the Empire, only to settle with the character becoming a Rebel intelligence officer who had done terrible things in the fight against the tyranny of Emperor Palpatine and the Imperial Forces.

Star Wars fans are going to learn a lot more about Cassian Andor when Lucasfilm finally releases the Cassian Andor spinoff series on Disney+.

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