13 Sep 2017 1:27 PM +00:00 UTC

Rogue One Comic Includes Several Deleted Scenes From The Film

The comic adaptation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just ended, and it includes some deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the movie as well as some moments from the different spinoff novels. Star Wars Explained on Youtube goes in-depth as to all the scenes that were added in the comic.

Check it out:

For one, we get to see more on Bhodi’s backstory, including his friendship with Galen Erso as well as his memories that were tampered with when Saw Gerrera put him in the cage with the Bor Gullet. There’s also a scene with him empathizing with K-2SO as they are both Imperial defectors.


We get some more background on Galen and Krennic’s relationship, and we also have a cool scene with Saw arguing with Bail Organa and we can see a young Princess Leia included in the meeting along with Jyn.

This one is also for the Clone Wars fans, but Saw Gerrera says one last thing before he dies on Jehda—and that’s his sister’s name Steela. We never really got any mention of her in the movie, but she was called back to when Saw reappeared in Star Wars Rebels.

Despite what some other fans may say, I really liked Rogue One, and its success is paving the way for more Star Wars movies that aren’t Skywalker-centric—which I think is also great. The whole galaxy doesn’t really need to revolve around the issues of one family. That’s just crazy.

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