Robert Pattinson's Batman Removed from Equation as DCU's Dark Knight

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

The DC Universe is in the midst of a creative crossroads and over the last couple of weeks, fans have been puzzled as to what James Gunn and Peter Safran have in store for the franchise moving forward. This week, a new report shed some light on the DC Studios duo's plans and it reportedly includes making Robert Pattinson's version of Batman the DCU's main Dark Knight.

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Credit: WB

Variety's Adam B. Vary reported that Gunn and Safran are exploring the possibility of incorporating Matt Reeves' more grounded iteration of Batman into the shared DC universe.

A few hours after the report was published, Gunn quickly took to his official Twitter account to debunk it, officially confirming that "Battinson" won't be part of the DCU's interconnected universe. He wrote: "There are few reporters I love more than @adambvary - truly a good guy - but in this case he needs to get a new source as this is entirely untrue."

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This isn't the first time Gunn refuted a rumor concerning the DCU's future. Last week, the Peacemaker director said that The Hollywood Reporter's bombshell scoop was only partly true and half of it was completely false.

Of course, this is great news for fans of Matt Reeves' standalone Batman Universe as it allows the director to explore the Dark Knight's lore without having to worry about integrating other stories just for the sake of the DCU being interconnected.

Obviously, this begs the question: which Batman will end up becoming the shared universe's main caped crusader? Gunn and Safran's official announcement can't come sooner but I hope it's someone the fans will have no problem getting behind on.

Meanwhile, The Batman 2 is currently in development.

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