Robert Pattinson Reportedly Still Hasn’t Bulked Up for the Batman

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DC fans might have been looking forward to Robert Pattinson's transformation into the Dark Knight for his role as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeve's The Batman, however, it seems like the Twilight star has done nothing much to his body at all.

According to a report by Cosmic Book News, Pattinson was spotted in the public at a hotel in Paris at the 2019 Dior Homme fashion show. While the Lighthouse star looked very much like Bruce Wayne in his attire at the event, the site says that the actor didn't look that much bigger than when he first wowed the general public as the heart-stealing vampire, Edward Cullen.

This news might devastate Pattinson's fans. Everyone was eager to see what the Twilight actor would look like as the Dark Knight, and everyone was looking forward to Pattinson bulking up for the role. One of the biggest reasons why DC fans were against Warner Brother's decision to cast Pattinson as the Dark Knight in The Batman was because of how skinny the Twilight actor was.


Batman's always been bulky and fans were hoping to see Pattinson prepare for the role.

Of course, fans shouldn't give up hope on Battinson just yet. Production on The Batman has yet to begin. The actor could still be trying to pack on the pounds. He could still be preparing his role in Reeve's upcoming comic book movie. We'll just have to cross our fingers and keep a lookout. Let's wait and see.

The Batman is set for release on June 25, 2021.

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