Robert Pattinson Recalls His Batman Audition Wearing George Clooney's Batsuit

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The new Caped Crusader Robert Pattinson recalls his Batman audition wearing George Clooney's Batsuit from Batman and Robin.

Now that Robert Pattinson is set to wear the Batman mantle, the actor discussed the audition process that landed him with the iconic DC Comics Bat Vigilante. The Batman is Matt Reeves’ reboot of the Batman franchise that would take an even more grounded and darker material compared to Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy.

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While every Batman actor has their own unique Batsuits, as we saw from the recent trailer for Pattinson's The Batman, he wore a more realistic suit that has more mobility compared to the Batsuits from previous franchises. While Pattinson's Batsuit seems to fit him perfectly, the actor revealed that it wasn't the first time he wore a Batman costume. Pattinson wore George Clooney's Batsuit from The Batman and Robin during the audition process. And even took selfies wearing the suit in case he doesn't get the part.

In an interview with, Pattinson breaks down his audition process and revealed that he wore Clooney's Batsuit from 1997's The Batman and Robin.

Pattinson explained, "It was incredible. I mean, I remember when I was doing the screen test, because it was really fun and it was really, really long. I mean, I literally did a screen test in it for about eight hours and the entire time was just pouring sweat so much with Matt [Reeves] saying, 'What can we do about this sweat?' I'm like, 'There's nothing to be done. The only way past this is not drinking any liquids.'...I remember sneaking a little selfie in it when everyone left the room thinking if this doesn't work out... I'll always have this. I'll always have a picture of me and my nipples!"

The Batman audition process was surely terrifying but Pattinson getting the part is not really surprising considering that he is already an A-list actor after he showcased his versatility and appearing in different films.

Pattinson also claims that there is no bad Batman movie, just different interpretations from it. Pattinson clearly admires every Batman film and a fan getting a chance to play their favorite hero really makes the new reboot more interesting.

The Batman is already set to break box-office when it hits theaters on March 4.

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