Robert Pattinson Is Dark and Gothic In Very First Trailer for The Batman

It's certainly been a busy weekend for the DC fanbase thanks to DC Fandome. Not only has the virtual DC entertainment and comic book convention brought with it major news updates, but it's also revealed quite a number of exciting new trailers, including the first teaser for Matt Reeve's The Batman.

The Batman is one of the most highly-anticipated DC movies set for release next year, and thanks to this new teaser from Warner Brothers fans get their very first look at Robert Pattinson's iteration of the Dark Knight.

DC fans are in for a treat, because The Batman's first teaser runs for a good two minutes. You can check it out in the video down below:

Aside from Pattinson's version of Batman who looks very much like he's in his early years of vigilantism ( which makes sense seeing as the Batman tells a year two story in another universe outside of the DCEU), we also get to see a few other key characters in the film like Jeffrey Wright who's playing James gorden and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman.

It might seem a bit surprising to see Kravitz dressed in a rather choppy outfit in the trailer, however, Reeves has stressed that many of the characters in his film are still coming into themselves. Selina Kyle is still not fully Catwoman in The Batman. The film's villains, The Riddler and Penguin, are both still trying to find their groove early in their career.

It's certainly interesting to see key Batman figures at the beginning of their narrative and Pattinson certainly delivers an intriguing Batman with his unkempt, gothic look.

The Batman is set to release in October 1, 2021.

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