Rob Liefeld Thinks Deadpool and Spider-Man is the Ultimate Team-Up

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Yesterday Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was showing his confusion when rumors came out that Deadpool was being considered as a guest-star in the third Spider-Man movie, but now it looks like he's onboard with a team-up between the Merc with the Mouth and everyone's favorite webslinger.

This was his post on IG:


Though rumors did come out that Marvel was considering Deadpool for Spider-Man 3, the more accurate reports suggests that it's actually Tom Hardy's Venom they want to bring into the movie. We don't have anything official from Sony yet, but I'm only open for a Venom clash if the franchise built up to it properly.

When it came to the original Spider-Man 3, it was said that Sam Raimi only wanted Sandman to be the main villain, but the execs wanted Venom in the film because he's Spider-Man's main nemesis. What we got was a movie bloated with too many baddies, and if they don't manage to set it up properly in Far from Home, we could be looking at another rushed symbiote storyline.

If you ask me, maybe they can work in Spider-Man into the Venom sequel rather than work Eddie Brock into Spider-Man 3. Then again, I'd be fine if Tom Hardy's role is just a cameo and will tease us of a main clash between Spidey and Venom.

As for Deadpool, I'd rather see him in a solo film that integrates the mutants into the MCU. Or they could just have Doctor Strange accidentally pull him into our reality in the Doctor Strange sequel in an after-credits scene. I'm just spit-balling here.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters July 2.

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