Rob Liefeld Says A Deadpool Animated Series Could Still Be In The Works

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It looks like Deadpool fans are in for a treat. According to Deadpool comic book creator Rob Liefeld, the Merc with a Mouth's animated series might still actually be in the works.

Speaking in an interview with Nerdist, comic book writer Rob Liefeld opened up about how he's still hoping to see a brand new animated Deadpool television series in development. While Liefeld tells fans that he doesn't have any "inside information" about the project, the comic book writer claimed that he was told by an unnamed executive at Marvel not to worry because they were going to give him a "Deadpool cartoon."


This is particularly good news for Marvel fans.

Wade Wilson has always had a strong following, and the fanbase has only increased in number ever since Ryan Reynold's put on the mask as the world's sexiest avocado in 21st Century Fox's Deadpool film series.

Outside of Reynold's movies, Atlanta director Donald Glover was working on an animated series for Deadpool. Unfortunately, Marvel Television got in the way and canceled the show which was supposed to launch on FX. Glover then decided to leak the script online, one which received a shower of positive reviews by fans online.

However, if Liefeld's source is to be believed, then the project could still be alive. Unfortunately, if proven true, then the series would likely not have Glover at the helm, instead, taking on a different showrunner after the events of the first attempt at a Deadpool animated series.


Would you want to see a Deadpool animated series? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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