Riverdale Season 6: When To Expect New Episodes As CW Pushes Back Return Date

Credit: TV Promos/YouTube

Credit: TV Promos/YouTube

Following the conclusion of the five-episode special in December — and the series' 100th episode — the CW has revealed when we can expect Riverdale Season 6, and it's a little later than initially planned.

The series, which was supposed to resume on Mar. 6, will now return two weeks later, on Mar. 20.

Why is Riverdale Season 6 Delayed?

According to Deadline, Riverdale's return date has been pushed back to accommodate the Critics' Choice Awards, which have been postponed to Mar. 13. To avoid airing one episode followed by an immediate interruption, it was decided to postpone so that the rest of the season could be aired uninterrupted.

Essentially, it's the CW's approach of combining a large number of previously unaired episodes into one batch. Moving Riverdale to Sundays in the first place entails a significant amount of risk. At least when they originally decided to program it with original programming, the network has been a shambles on this night for years.

They attempted to combine a Legends of the Hidden Temple relaunch with Killer Camp Season 2 this fall. The former was a great idea with a few missteps in execution; however, the other was canceled due to low ratings.

What to Expect Next on Riverdale Season 6

We think that the producers' plans begin with them attempting to return to a more recognizable tale, as opposed to what we saw for the majority of the fall with the strange/supernatural Rivervale incident. However, we hope that some unexpected traces of that five-part story arc linger, especially so that it doesn't feel like it was unusual for the sake of being weird and has no bearing on the rest of the plot.

The show's future course is unknown for now, but this season should serve as a guide. Riverdale Season 6 appears to be fully embracing the supernatural, and this could well prove to be the focus for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that the teen drama has always dabbled with the otherworldly.

The length of the sixth season and how many seasons the show may run - Riverdale actor Lili Reinhart has suggested that Season 7 may be the last - it appears likely that as one of The CW's flagship shows, the network will want to keep Riverdale going for as long as possible.

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