Rick Gets His Own Lucille in The Walking Dead 9 Promo

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The Walking Dead 8 ended with the fall of Negan, and with the ninth season just around the corner, we have a new image of Rick wielding a very Negan-inspired weapon.

Check it out:

If anything, Rick is probably just holding a regular mace, but it could be a clue to how Alexandria has progressed since the battle with the Saviors. In the comics, Carl was able to take an apprenticeship in blacksmithing, and it's possible that Rick and his people have made themselves a community forge.


Rick may be set to exit the show before half the season even airs, but they're doing it in a way that he gets a few years of peace to build his prosperous society. In the comics, he keeps Negan captive for quite some time, with the idea that he would show how wrong Negan's way of doing things was, by showing him how society would flourish without him.

We don't have any confirmation on who the antagonists for season nine is, but it's a good guess that we'll meet the Whisperers. In the comics, the Whisperers were people wore the skin of walkers and walked among them, passing as walkers themselves. What makes them particularly dangerous is their ability to herd walkers into massive groups and leading them into enemy territories like a bunch of murderous sheep.

Again, there hasn't been any confirmation, but I'm guessing that's the direction the show is going.

The Walking Dead 9 premieres on AMC Oct. 7.

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