08 Aug 2017 6:18 PM +00:00 UTC

Rick And Morty Mcdonalds Szechuan Sauce Auction Now Bidding At More Than $8000

This whole shenanegans over limited edition Mulan Mcdonalds Szechuan Sauce is getting out of hand. Fans who've managed to get their hands on the dip are auctioning the sauce online and the results can make the rest of the sane world reel.

The story began when Mcdonalds dip got a lot of name drops in Rick and Morty Season 3's explosive premiere episode The Rickshank Redemption. After Rick ended the episode with a monolog about how his entire character arc was built over the sauce, fans started believing that they wanted the sauce too.

Seeing that they could use all this hullabaloo over some sauce for some publicity, Mcdonalds first ran with some funny reactions to fans petitioning for the revival of the Szechuan sauce. After that, the fast-food chain sent a bottle of the sauce to Justin Roiland, the show's co-creator and the voice behind Rick and Morty.


Not long after McDonalds began promising to send some Szechuan love to a few Rick and Morty fans who've retweeted their post and one lucky fan who received 64 ounces of the dip decided to go ahead and sell the thing on eBay.

"This is an authentic Rick and Morty-inspired combination of official McDonald's Szechuan sauce (a 64 oz. bottle) and a Pelican camera case that holds the bottle inside. I won this in an official giveaway and now I'm auctioning it off here to help out others and pay a few bills. Don't miss this incredible item!"

Now at 62 bids, the sauce stands at $8100. Though ten percent of the proceeds will go to charity, that's still a lot of money for 24 ounces of a special dip, and it's likely that the bid is going to go even higher when the auction ends on Friday this week. Looks like there's no price a true Rick and Morty fan wouldn't pay for some Szechuan sauce.

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