Rian Johnson To Start Working On Star Wars Project After Knives Out And Fans Are Divided

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Rian Johnson is still making his Star Wars movies, and there is a new update from The Last Jedi writer and director himself.

Johnson recently took the stage at the CinemaCon where he revealed that he will be working on a new project for the franchise after Knives Out.

No further information was revealed about the project though. All we know so far is that Johnson has been given the opportunity to helm a trilogy. The lack of updates ever since the announcement had some fans thinking that the project fell through due to the lingering backlash around The Last Jedi.

Disney CEO Bob Iger making no mention of Johnson when he was talking about upcoming projects from a galaxy far, far away didn't help. Game of Thrones duo David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were namedropped while he wasn't.

Johnson has since refuted rumors about the cancelled trilogy. There hasn't been any clear update on when he was going to start working, but it looks like he will be diving back to the franchise after Knives Out, a mystery film starring Chris Evans and Daniel Craig.

Fans remain divisive about Johnson returning to the galaxy far, far away. Some reacted negatively to the confirmation while others are excited for what he has in store.

The former think that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was "a giant steaming pile of Bantha crap" as one Twitter user put it. Another says it will be a "giant liability" to Disney if they do it.

On the other side of the spectrum, people who loved Episode VIII are excited to see Knives Out because they want to see more of Johnson's work.

There are fans in the middle who think his new film will be great, but his involvement in Star Wars isn't. Some think that working on the second film of a trilogy may have boxed him in and he might do better starting a blank slate.

What do you think of Johnson returning to Star Wars?

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