Rian Johnson Reportedly Revealed He Had Many Long Discussions With J.J. Abrams About The Last Jedi

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Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a divisive movie since it had mixed reviews on its initial release back in 2017. Some fans loved the direction that Johnson was going towards for the movie yet others feel like Johnson has completely ruined the iconic Star Wars franchise. Johnson recently shared more of his process in making TLJ in a recent appearance.

Rian Johnson recently attended the London Film Festival, where he had a Screen Talk hosted by Mark Kermode. He talked about his career and the production of his latest movie Knives Out. An attendee from LFF shared some bits of Johnson's interview in a Twitter post.

Johnson is said to have revealed that he had many long discussions with J.J. Abrams regarding The Last Jedi. In the attendee's words, Johnson wanted to make a movie "that worked on its own merits" but at the same time, the movie needs to "take the whole trilogy into account." You can check out the attendee's tweet below:


If you recall, J.J. Abrams, who will be working on the next Star Wars movie, was inspired by Johnson's work on The Last Jedi which led him to make bolder choices for The Rise of Skywalker. And that Abrams actually liked Johnson's take on the story when he pitched it to him prior to the movie's release.

The attendee mentions that there weren't any details about the new Star Wars films but Johnson is said to be still in a discussion with Lucasfilm.

The British Film Institute provided updates on Twitter about Johnson's Q&A and they'll eventually release a video from the event soon.

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